Sandown Re-power


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Re-power of seven Royal Navy Sandown Class Mine Hunters 

James Troop & Co Ltd won the MOD contract (among stiff competition) to re-power seven Sandown Class Mine Hunters with 21 new generator’s, three sets on each vessel to provide all onboard electrical requirements and also power for the vessels electrical propulsion system. 

The Generators we provided where highly modified Volvo Penta D13 MG,s

The sets where modified by James Troop & Co to conform to the stringent requirements of the Royal Navy and also to increase the capability of the vessels.

  • Shock resistant bed frames where designed and constructed.
  • A fuel reserve system was designed to be integrated within the bed frame.
  • A New and robust Degaussing system was designed, constructed and integrated onto each generator set.

We overseen the installation of the generators, commissioned them and set then to work, some in the UK and others in the Gulf. 

Below: Highly Modified Volvo Penta D13 MG