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We have listened to our customers and have used their views to define the Customer Care commitments set out in this policy.  We have defined standards of customer service based on these commitments and we are using them to train our staff.  We are realistic about what we can do and cannot do but we are determined to make a difference for every one of our customers.

Involving Our Customers

We will make sure that we understand our customers’ requirements and we will develop services to satisfy and, wherever possible, exceed their needs and expectations.

We will therefore: -

Our people

We recognize that we rely on our staff to deliver the best possible Customer Care.

We will therefore: -

Reaching us

We will provide a variety of ways for customers to contact us and seek help and service.  Telephone, fax, email and website are available 24/7 and personal contact at our Sales Counter is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays (4 p.m. on Friday).

We will therefore: -

How we communicate

We want to make every contact a positive experience for our customers.

We will therefore: -

Measuring how we perform

We want to make sure that our commitment to Customer Care is making a difference and we will therefore assess our success by measuring what our customers value.

We will therefore: -

How we are doing

We measure how we are performing through regular Customer Satisfaction surveys; we carry out separate surveys for Parts Sales and Engineering Services and we also carry out short formal surveys on completion of specific engineering contracts. In 2019 we introduced a new way to survey our customers. Customers are contacted directly by phone and asked two simple questions on service satisfaction. Results from our first survey were very good. An overall good response. The results are recorded and monitored.

Your comments

A high level of Customer Care is important to everyone in James Troop & Company Ltd.

If you want to comment on our approach to Customer Care, please send your views to:-

Sean Dignam, Business Development Executive, at 4 Davy Road, Astmoor Industrial Estate, Runcorn Cheshire WA7 1PZ, Tel:- 01928-566170.  You can also fax your comments to 019028-577314 or email them to


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