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Quality Policy

James Troop & Company Limited has provided quality products and services to the marine and industrial sectors since 1867 and this reputation has enabled the Company to maintain a strong presence in today's competitive markets.

The Directors are proud of this and are committed to continually improving operating standards by providing strong Leadership to meet constantly changing requirements of all its stakeholders - customers, franchises, regulatory and statutory bodies.

The Company's Business Objectives are:

to provide products and services that meet or exceed Customer requirements

to make a profit while delivering a fair and consistent return to shareholders,

to continually develop its employees, processes, operations and suppliers through strong and effective Leadership from the Directors

To meet these objectives the Directors have identified the Context of the business and promote and support a documented Business Management System (BMS) certified to ISO 9001:2015.
The Directors are responsible for the effectiveness of the BMS and have assigned to the QHSE Manager the day to day responsibility for managing the BMS and reporting to them on its implementation and status.

The Directors are committed to determining, considering and taking appropriate action to manage risks and opportunities that may impact (positively or negatively) on the BMS or on customer satisfaction. To this end, the Directors have identified and continually monitor a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are used to assess the effectiveness of the BMS by measuring customer satisfaction, employee skills and competencies, team-working effectiveness, business process efficiencies and supplier performance.

The Directors will ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated to all employees during induction and following any revision; the Quality Policy shall also be published on the Company's website and made available to any interested party.

This Policy shall be reviewed annually and whenever the context, strategic direction of the Company or requirements of interested parties change.