Environmental & Sustainability Policy

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The Company is committed to respecting and protecting the environment by monitoring its processes, continually improving its environmental performance and preventing pollution by complying with and, where practicable, exceeding applicable environmental legislation.

This Policy will be implemented in conjunction with the Company's Quality and Health & Safety Policies as an integral part of our Business Management System.

This Policy will be communicated internally among all our employees and externally among customers, suppliers and neighbours as necessary.


The Company will establish, define and review Environmental Objectives based on this Policy; these objectives will include, but are not limited to:

Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation

We will seek to reduce our consumption of energy and water resources by examining our business processes and by adopting best practice where practicable and reasonable.

Minimising Waste & Pollution

We will select production methods, processes and equipment to reduce energy usage and waste and to minimise or prevent pollution.


We will seek to source materials and products from sustainable and local sources to minimise impact on the environment and benefit society in general.


We will follow the Waste Hierarchy by reusing or recycling materials and resources to reduce costs and eliminate or minimise waste ; any unavoidable waste will be disposed of responsibly and in accordance with relevant legislation.

Employee Education and Training

We will continually strive to raise awareness of environmental issues and standards among our employees and Dealers by providing training and by communicating information about environmental issues.

Monitoring and Assessment

We will implement and maintain systems to monitor and assess our environmental performance against defined targets (KPls).

Environmental Performance

This will be monitored and managed by the Company's Health, Safety & Environment Committee, which shall define objectives, actions and targets which shall be reviewed as part of our overall Health & Safety system annual review.

The Company's QHSE (Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental) Manager has been delegated by the Directors to co-ordinate all environmental health and safety matters with the support of all senior managers and employees.