Volvo Penta TAD 1643VE – Low Fuel Pressure

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Fast response to a breakdown

We received a call from an Industrial customer in Liverpool who reported a low fuel pressure warning. After revising our engineer schedule we were able to send an engineer to site the same day to investigate.

Upon arrival our engineer inspected the engine visually and was able to see that the fuel pump had been leaking for a period of time from the tell tale.

To combat the issues raised by the customer and our inspections of the engine the decision was made to install new fuel filters along with a new fuel pump.

Once the new fuel filters and fuel pump were installed our engineer ran up the engine to check pressure had been restored as a result.

When our engineer first attended site and run the engine the fuel pressure was barely reaching 2.0 bar. At idle speed the engine is now running at 4.6 bar and 5.4 bar at rated speed.

Our customer was extremely satisfied with the response time we provided and their machine is now back in full operation with minimal downtime.