Industrial Market, International

Refurbish and rehabilitate diesel engine power stations

Industrial Markets, UK

  • Overhaul, service, supply and install diesel engines or Generator Sets
  • Overhaul, service, supply, install and manage 24/7 Gas Engine CHP Generator Sets
  • Overhaul, service, supply and install diesel engine pump units
  • Overhaul and service plant hire equipment
  • Generator set service contracts
  • Service, overhaul and spare part supply to the wind farm industry

Marine Market, International

Overhaul main engines and generator sets on various ship types for numerous clients –when ships are at sea. Supply spare parts to owners and ship managers world-wide.

Marine Market, UK

Overhaul ships main engines and generator sets; supply spare parts to owners and ship managers and Ministry of Defence. Wind Farm repair boat service.

Rail Industry

Overhauls, service and parts supply. Power packs on construction and track maintenance locos.

Overhaul/refurbishment of engine rafts, comprising engines, transmissions, drives, PTO’s, hydraulics and the fabrication repair of rafts. Testing of all equipment on the raft and supply in service spare parts.

Supply locomotives diesel engine spare parts. Recondition parts and supply engines.